Artist Statement

By Kathy Edelman Hutchinson

I have been a handweaver, dyer, and self-taught student of cloth design for more than forty years with the majority of my work focusing on the production of wearables and accessories for women.


In my studio, I weave on several hand looms to create fabrics that present a special combination of natural fibers, textures and colorways that are distinct from those produced by industry. The processes are slow, deliberate and complex with each step toward the finished cloth requiring precision and careful planning.

The selection of fibers, the loom set up, the actual weaving, and final finishing processes must all be done by hand. Many hours are consumed by each task, but I have always found rewards along the way. From the original design to the finished garment I am involved and intrigued to see what will happen next during this long journey.


It has been my purpose to create cloth that offers a unique appearance and has a hand that is well suited for the intended function of each piece made from it. I intend my garments to provide comfort and style and still maintain a classic sense of wearability.
I strive to have a longevity built into my clothing designs so that they may be enjoyed for many seasons and become a favorite for the wearer.

Kathy Edelman Hutchinson Handwoven —


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