Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, and in any size and style, or combination.
How long does it take to make a handwoven jacket?
Making a jacket is a complicated process. I wind (and sometimes dye) the warp, which is followed by threading the loom, weaving the fabric, planning and laying out the pattern, and tailoring the jacket. As Joyce Jones, one of my early mentors, would say “Many enjoyable hours.”
What fibers/yarns do you use?
Natural fibers whenever possible. Currently, I use rayon boucles and chenilles, cottons, silks, and ribbons. Each piece is made up of a combination of these fibers.
How long have you been weaving?
I began weaving in 1970.
Who is your Photographer?
Most photographs were taken by John Cooper. His website is www.johnfcooper.com.
How much does it cost?
For prices on scarves, bags, and handwoven pieces, contact me via email at: kathy@hutchinsonhandwoven.com, and I will be happy to answer your questions.
What equipment do you use?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_5470The fabrics for my jackets, silk shawls, and larger items are woven on sixteen-harness dobby looms (http://www.avlusa.com). The scarves and smaller items are woven on four-harness and eight-harness Norwood jack looms (http://www.randalldarwall.com).
Do you teach classes/workshops?
I am available for classes, workshops, and speaking engagements.
Can I visit your studio?
Studio visits are by appointment only or you can visit during the annual Camano Island Studio Tour, which is held on Mother’s Day and the following weekends.
What is distinctive about your work?
My work is noted for the the texture, color, and gauge of the yarns I use. These are carefully selected with the finished piece in mind. I use a computer program to design some original woven structures (overall patterns) for my fabrics. I design the cut/pattern and shape of my garments to present classic lines, and flatter the wearer. (See Slideshow below to view the variety and complexity of my weave structures and patterns.)
Do you sell wholesale or consign your work?
Yes, by special arrangement.

One thought on “F.A.Q.

  1. Hi
    I have a lovely scarf I use as a table runner.
    I bought it at Selo Shevel in Ann Arbor several years ago.
    Now that we are in a stay at home order I was wondering how are you selling your beautiful things?

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